Do you dream of fuller eyebrows? Do you have stretch marks from having a baby or losing weight? Are you a busy working mother but still want to look fabulous? Look no further! My Joli Visage is the permanent makeup artist you have been seeking. Elizabeth Brown and her term have the experience you desire serving the Richboro, PA area. What are the top makeup artist services that will leave you feeling beautiful?

Disguise Blemishes

Stretch marks and other skin blemishes can leave you feeling defeated. You may want to cover up during intimate moments or while looking in the mirror. They can leave you feeling anxious and sad. But makeup artist services that camouflage the unsightly imperfections can help with the emotional turmoil. My Joli Visage will fill in the lines that stretch marks can leave. Over time the pigment will tan naturally with the rest of your skin.


We all dream of fuller and perfect eyebrows; beautiful eyebrows’ lushness does not need to be a pipedream. Microblading is the process of filling in spots of the eyebrow that is lacking. Makeup artist services such as this use tiny, precise needles to add a pigment to your eyebrow for the appearance of hair. My Joli Visage team has the license to complete your eyebrows to perfection.

Extend you Eyelashes

Long, fluttering eyelashes are every lady’s dream. They can help you feel confident in any social situation. However, at home, false eyelashes can fall out and look crooked. When you enlist the My Joli Visage makeup artist services, you will have perfect eyelashes for a long time. They extend each natural eyelash with a longer lash. They attach with semi-permanent glue. Flutter like you’ve never fluttered your eyes before with these makeup artist services.

Achieve Fuller Color with Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is similar to lip tattooing without the artistry of a tattoo. Do your lips appear flushed, sunken in, or translucent? Fear not! These makeup artist services can leave you with a newfound love for your lips. My Joli Visage uses small needles to add pigment to your lips. They will become more colorful and plump. Look like a new you with lip blushing.

Call My Joli Visage at (267) 888-0086 or visit their website to set up an appointment. With incredible experience and competitive pricing, you will leave happy and fulfilled. Get the best makeup artist services today by visiting Elizabeth Brown and her team!