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Stretch Mark Treatment with Elizabeth Brown – Philadelphia, PA

Stretch marks are an unsightly occurrence on your skin. While not dangerous, they can leave you feeling sad. As summer quickly approaches, people begin thinking about their swimming attire. Roughly 80% of individuals have noticeable stretch marks. If you are interested in stretch mark camouflage, continue reading. We will explore what you can do to […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Blushing – Philadelphia, PA

Lip brushing

Have you heard about lip blushing? Are you curious about what it is and how it can help you? In recent years, lip blushing has become more popular as a beauty treatment. My Joli Visage, a permanent makeup artist in Richboro, PA, and surrounding areas, can give you a look you have always wanted. If […]

My Joli Visage – Permanent Makeup Artist

Are you tired of going to the beauty salon every other week? Do you have unsightly stretchmarks for which you cannot find a solution? Are you looking for a semi-permanent solution forsome of your beauty regiments? Elizabeth Brown, owner and makeup artist of My Joli Visage, offers an array of results for your needs. Servicing […]

4 Benefits of Microblading

Do you spend much time applying makeup, styling your hair, and fixing your eyebrows in the morning? Are you looking for a more straightforward way to get out the door and off to work? Microblading is a semi-permanent solution for your eyebrows. This method uses a tattooing solution to redefine or fill parts of your […]