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Stretch marks are an unsightly occurrence on your skin. While not dangerous, they can leave you feeling sad. As summer quickly approaches, people begin thinking about their swimming attire. Roughly 80% of individuals have noticeable stretch marks. If you are interested in stretch mark camouflage, continue reading. We will explore what you can do to make your summer appearance memorable.

Elizabeth Brown, owner, and operator of My Joli Visage in Richboro, PA, has four years of experience as a permanent makeup artist. One of her more popular services is stretch mark camouflage. If you would like to learn more about Elizabeth Brown, go here or here. Let’s dive into the why and how of stretch mark camouflage.

Stretch marks are a common occurrence for several reasons. Genetics plays a significant role in almost everything that happens to us. Thanks, parents! However, there are other reasons we get stretch marks. Anything that stretches your skin can create these marks. They can be light and barely noticeable or more profound and stick out like a sore thumb. Having children, losing weight quickly, or hormones can cause these unsightly blemishes.

Have you heard of stretch mark camouflage? Do you frequently go to a salon to get semi-permanent makeup but have not explored this option? In simple terms, stretch mark camouflage is the process of filling in lines to hide blemishes. Sounds simple, right? It is!

Your permanent makeup artist, such as Elizabeth Brown, will examine your stretch marks. The artist will determine the color shade and how much they must apply. Once that is complete, they will begin the procedure. The artist will start “tattooing” the skin using a needling device. This adds pigmentation to your skin, which is how stretch mark camouflage occurs. It could be nothing to a mild sensation, depending on your pain tolerance. Typically, you may feel slight pinching.

Once the procedure is complete, the makeup artist will give you detailed instructions on aftercare. This is vital for a quick and effortless healing process. It is crucial to follow all instructions to the tee. Once again, the healing time may vary depending on how your body responds. It could take up to 60 days to complete the healing process. Stretch mark camouflage can last up to five years before you need another procedure.

Call My Joli Visage at (267) 888-0086 or visit their website to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait much longer. Summer is almost upon us. Look and feel stunning in your summer attire. Contact the My Joli Visage salon today to begin your stretch mark camouflage journey tomorrow!

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