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Have you heard about lip blushing? Are you curious about what it is and how it can help you? In recent years, lip blushing has become more popular as a beauty treatment. My Joli Visage, a permanent makeup artist in Richboro, PA, and surrounding areas, can give you a look you have always wanted. If you have questions, we have answers!

What is lip blushing?

Lip blushing or lip tattooing is a semi-permanent style of makeup. Tiny needles inject pigment into your lips. The procedure is more of a cosmetic aesthetic than an artsy aesthetic that usually comes from traditional tattooing.

How long does lip blushing last?

Lip blushing can last upwards of three years. Around the two-year mark, you may see some fading. The healing process is similar to regular tattooing. The lips should be almost healed in one week, but total recovery will be around the 4-week mark.

What are the benefits of lip blushing?

Vibrant color. Some medical conditions or aging can decrease the pigmentation in your lips. Lip blushing can keep your lips looking radiant every day.
Having perfectly shaped lips can be extremely difficult with makeup alone. Achieve flawless symmetry with lip blushing.
You can have fuller lips without having lip injections every six months. Lip blushing is also less dangerous than lip injections.
Hide any scars on your lips.
Save money. Makeup and lip injections can be expensive. By having the lip blushing procedure, you can save hundreds a year.

What to expect from lip blushing?

As with any tattooing experience, you may have swelling for a few days after. The pigment may be brighter and bolder. Once the swelling goes down, the color should be normal as well. Everything will be beautiful if you follow the aftercare procedure from the My Joli Visage.

Does lip blushing hurt?

As with any needle procedure, you will experience some discomfort. The makeup artist will apply a numbing agent to the area before beginning. This typically takes about 20 minutes. Everyone has a different pain threshold. Some people may not experience any pain or discomfort. Others may endure light to medium pain.

Can I get lip blushing if I am pregnant or nursing?

Experts recommend that you do not get the lip blushing procedure while pregnant. If you are nursing, wait for 9 to 12 months after you have the baby. Typically, when the baby is not solely dependent on breast milk. The mother’s immune system and hormones are changing through this time. Once the mother is rebalanced, she can make an appointment to receive lip blushing treatment.

Contact the My Joli Visage at (267) 888-0086 or visit their website to request an appointment. You can choose from several permanent makeup services: lip blushing, stretchmark camouflage, eyelash extensions, and microblading. You deserve the beautifying treatment. Call today!

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