Permanent Makeup Artist

Are you tired of going to the beauty salon every other week? Do you have unsightly stretchmarks for which you cannot find a solution? Are you looking for a semi-permanent solution forsome of your beauty regiments? Elizabeth Brown, owner and makeup artist of My Joli Visage, offers an array of results for your needs. Servicing Richboro, PA, and the surrounding areas, our clients always leave fulfilled. Have you heard of microblading? Everyone dreams of full and vibrant eyebrows.

The time you spend achieving this weekly can be exhausting. Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to this chore. It is soft tattooing that inserts pigments directly under the skin, leading to lush eyebrows. This procedure lasts for up to 18 months. My Joli Visage offers stretch mark camouflage. We all suffer unsightly stretch marks from having children to losing weight. But these blemishes never go away. We insert pigments under the skin to enhance your natural color with our services. This will make the marks virtually undetectable. Do you envision longer eyelashes without having them done every week? With a lash extension, you will awake every morning with beautiful eyelashes.

My Joli Visage works with you to create your personal style. We attach each lash with semi-permanent glue. You will look and feel gorgeous with every blink. Lip blushing allows your lips to become fuller and more vibrant. This procedure is soft tattooing, which adds a pigment right under your skin. The process is relatively painless, with long-lasting results. Call My Joli Visage at (267)888-0086 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today. You can also go to our website to gain more information. Have the beauty you desire with My JoliVisage!

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