Are you feeling down? Does your look give you the same old blah sensation? Do you need a change but do not know where to start? Professional makeup artist services can provide you with the new look you are craving. Elizabeth Brown at My Joli Visage in Richboro, PA, has an experienced team that can give you excellent makeup artist services. What are the best makeup artist services?

Eyelash Extensions

One of the best makeup artist services is eyelash extensions. This non-invasive service can leave you feeling new and fulfilled. The process is simple. They attach microfiber extensions to your current eyelashes. Individual eyelashes will have an extension. This will leave you with lush, fuller eyelashes. With each blink, you will feel a rush of sensation as they glide through the air. People will take notice when you walk into a room.

Stretch Mark Camouflage

Stretch marks can happen for various reasons. You may just have had a baby or lost weight before summer begins. Stretch marks appear when your skin stretches after an event. They may appear darker or lighter depending on how fast the event happened. Stretch mark camouflage is a markup artist service that lightens the pigmentation of your stretch marks. My Joli Visage’s dedicated team will fill in the lines of your blemishes. The pigmentation will tan naturally under the sunlight, making them disappear to the naked eye.


Your eyebrows are the focal point of your face. When someone looks into your eyes, they notice how light your eyebrows appear. Everything you have tried to make your brows fuller has failed. The markup artist service microblading can help. My Joli Visage experts can give you brighter, fuller, and more long-lasting eyebrows. The process is light tattooing on the surface of the skin. This will leave your eyebrows looking fuller and darker. Microblading lasts for up to 18 months before another treatment is required.

Lip Blushing

Do your lips look and feel dull? Do you try to liven them up with different colors of lipstick to no avail? Are you at your rope’s end on ideas? Lip blushing is a makeup artist service that can help you feel great. This process adds pigmentation to your lips through surface tattooing. My Joli Visage creates stunning colors and younger-looking lips for their clients. The process is simple and lasts for months.

Call My Joli Visage at (267) 888-0086 or visit their website to set up an appointment. Elizabeth Brown and her dedicated team will make each experience a memorable one. Makeup artist services are excellent for people who want to have a flare in their lives. Also, the benefits are for those people who do not have time for an extensive makeup session in the morning before work or school. My Joli Visage will make your life easier!